Monday, 21 November 2016

Free Music Downloader Apps For Android Smartphone

Android is definitely the biggest and most used OS in today's date, it's app market is filled with millions of apps and it's increasing at an unimaginable speed and music is one of the most demanded category in those apps since people want some music downloader apps for their android devices and there are many, you can find them easily BUT what music downloader works the best, it would be difficult to say without testing it.

That was for you only since you are not familiar with those apps so you'll have to go through a long process of downloading and trying every app, this is not the case with me, why? because I have already tried them all.

music downloader

Now you would say "Tell me then", that completely makes sense so here is the list of music downloader for android that works the best and have won many music freak's hearts.

Best Music Downloader For Android

Some are available on play store and some are not, but it has nothing to do with the quality.

1.) SoundCloud
You probably may have already heard about SoundCloud, it's a popular music streaming service which can give you almost every song. You can stream music on SoundCloud via web, android app and iOS app. The app gives you access to free music,well you can stream it but you can't save it to your storage device but that hardly matters, right? So here is SoundCloud. one of the best music download app for android.

2.) Music Paradise Pro
Another outstanding music downloader app for android which is capable of solving your music related problems with it's cool features. This app can save audio to your storage device unlike soundcloud, so for those who love to keep songs with them regardless of the app, this is for you.
It is easy to use and even a newbie can find songs using this app.

3.) Wynk Music
This is especially for those who love Bollywood music and songs, the library is maintained with latest Bollywood songs, not only this, you can get other regional songs as well. So this is a multiple niche music downloader app for android devices.

These 3 are indeed very cool and useful music downloader apps, you can use them. Any catch? Not at all, all of these music apps are free to use.


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