Monday, 14 November 2016

What's Up Music Lovers-Welcome To The Music Planet

Hey guy, how you doing? I hope everything is fine with you and your life. This seems like an official letter but trust me it isn't :-P I was just trying to give you a warm welcome to this blog, so this is the first and last time you are feeling this too formal. After this, everything will be related to music and music apps and websites which are made only for us.

What's The Motive of This Music Blog?

Sharing the apps and tools that can help us download music on the go on our gadgets like android phone, iOS devices, PC, MAC.
Indeed there are too many websites that can get you free music download but how many of them are reliable, most of the time you don't visit a website you just google the song name and visit the top website in the search listing.
If you are lucky enough then you may get the song on the go without any trouble. Finding the right download button is also a kind of trouble, in fact big trouble, bloody spammers load the page with tens of download buttons which are advertisements, that just piss me off and I believe you are also quite upset with that.

The Free Music Downloader Blog

So here comes this blog to the rescue which will list the best ever music apps, tools to download music with a single click. Stay tuned with me since I am going to review various music apps and sites here.


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